Catered to Perfection is a California-originated company, owned and operated by Executive Chef, Will Tolbert.  Chef Tolbert completed his basic culinary and business training in Albany, Georgia.  He completed advanced culinary training in San Francisco, California under the instruction of Master Baker Egon Grundman, Master Pastry Chef Herbert Huber, and renowned Chef Jaques Kirk. As a culinary instructor in San Francisco, Chef Tolbert taught hundreds of students in Fine Dining, Baking, AM Bistro, and PM Bistro classes.

Chef Tolbert has more than 12 years experience in the hospitality industry, including 3 years as the Chef de Cuisine at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta, Georiga. He has a genuine passion for savory food, which is reflected in the delicious dishes that are carefully prepared for all clients. He brings not only his love for local seasonal foods, but also his passion for fusion, offering diverse cuisines such as: Thai, Puerto Rican, Italian, Southern Comfort, etc.

Chef Tolbert would love to provide catering services for your next event or holiday meal!  Small or Large, let him perfect all your catering needs!

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